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Sustainable Seafood Farming with Huon Aquaculture

Huon Aquaculture is a Tasmanian Salmon Farming company aimed at sustainable processes towards Salmon farming.

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Manettas Seafood Market Launches New Web Platform

It was bound to happen…. Manettas Seafood Market has expanded and we are now bringing you closer than ever before to the very best in the seafood industry- we like to think of it as opening the doors of the seafood community to the very best fishmongers in Australia and Internationally

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Sydney’s Peter Manettas Seafood is bringing ecommerce to the fish markets

A staple on Sydney television news broadcasts at every Easter and Christmas is a reporter getting bustled around by the crowds at the Sydney Fish Market at Haymarket

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Peter Manettas Seafood Online Seafood Market

Manettas Seafood Market is an Online & Interactive seafood market. The state-of-the-art online store allows you to have access to the freshness and variety of the seafood market without leaving home.

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We’re Going Fishin’ Sydney Gets An Online Fish Market

Aaah the world wide web just gets better every day really. First it was shoes, then it was gym memberships, now you can buy fish from the touch of a button.

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Sydneys online fish market

Get hooked on Australia’s first interactive online fish market!

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Inner West residents can now get Sydney’s freshest seafood delivered straight to their front door

Inner West residents can now get Sydney’s freshest seafood delivered straight to their front door.

Peter Manettas Seafood one of Sydney’s oldest family of fishmongers, has now brought his extensive menu online.

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The way you buy seafood has changed forever

Peter Manettas Seafood wants you to be able to have restaurant-quality seafood in the comfort of your own home.

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Fish market sales head online

Australia’s billion dollar seafood industry is heading online with a supplier at the Sydney Fish Market taking orders over the web. And with other parties coming aboard, there’s a plan to expand the online fish market concept to other capitals.

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Market fresh fish now home delivered in Australian first

Sydneysiders now have the option of skipping the market queues and ordering the freshest seafood—even live seafood—online, as Australia welcomes its first interactive online fish markets.

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Sydney takes the bait for Peter Manettas Seafood!

Congratulations to our client Peter Manettas Seafood who launched Sydney’s first online fish market, delivering restaurant quality seafood to doorsteps Sydney-wide.

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Peter Manettas Seafood is Sydney’s first fully interactive online fish market

Purchasing freshly prepared seafood just got a whole lot easier for Sydneysiders. Digital service Peter Manettas Seafood has brought the city it’s first truly interactive online fish market

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