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Peter Manettas Seafood wants you to be able to have restaurant-quality seafood in the comfort of your own home.

It sometimes seems that you can get anything delivered these days. It also seems that a lot of people are taking advantage of that fact. Deliveroo and foodora riders are so common on our streets that it’s all the UberEATS delivery drivers can do not to hit them. There’s never been a better time to stay in.

That’s especially true for Sydneysiders of a pescatarian bent, with the launch today of an online seafood delivery service that is the first of its kind in the country.

Peter Manettas Seafood will offer more than 120 different seafood products, sourcing them directly from the Sydney Fish Market morning auction – which is traditionally only open to buyers from within the restaurant industry – as well as suppliers across Australia and the local fishing community. Orders must be placed by midnight for next-day delivery, though they can also be made a week in advance. The company’s fleet of refrigeration trucks will service the greater Sydney area, from Palm Beach to Penrith to the greater Southern Sydney region.

“The array of fresh fish and seafood we have available will suit the palette of any Australian household,” said Peter Manettas, whose family has been involved with Sydney’s seafood and restaurant industries for generations. “It doesn’t matter if your preference is oysters, prawns or sashimi, or if you fancy a few perfectly filleted pieces of barramundi, snapper or salmon. We have the best seasonal product available.”

Orders will be prepared according to the customer’s wishes (or not prepared at all: live seafood deliveries will be available for more adventurous chefs).

“Peter Manettas Seafood will handpick your order directly from the Sydney Fish Market morning auction and prepare your order to your precise requirements,” Manettas said. “Depending on the type of fish or seafood you order, you will have the ability to have it filleted, portioned or even cut into cutlets. Your prawns can be peeled and deveined in different ways and your huge green prawns can be butterflied ready to cook. The choice is ultimately yours.”

Manettas said that online ordering and delivery was “undoubtedly the future of seafood” and said he was proud to be at the forefront of this particular innovation.

“We are excited to be pioneering this new frontier in the seafood industry in Australia and we are humbled by the unprecedented interest from retailers and consumers,” he said. “We are looking forward to launching in other states and territories around the country.”

That’s all very good and well, but we’re looking forward to something rather different ourselves: ordering a live mud crab and seeing what we can do with it. When was the last time you were able to say that about Deliveroo or Uber?

August 24 2016 Review by Delicious


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