We’re Going Fishin’ Sydney Gets An Online Fish Market


Brooke Harrison

by Brooke Harrison

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Aaah the world wide web just gets better every day really. First it was shoes, then it was gym memberships, now you can buy fish from the touch of a button. You read that right, Sydney is now offering online shoppers the chance to buy their seafood the same way you would a new handbag, with an all new, online fish market

It’s not as crazy as it sounds though, people do love their fish, but if you’ve ever actually been to a fish market you’d know that the smell might be enough to turn you off ever actually eating the $100 worth of scallops you just purchased. Well, thanks to Peter Manetta, the brains behind Manettas, you can now order, purchase and have your fish delivered any day of the week without having to experience what it might be like to have the ocean up your nostrils.   

And, if you’re still not convinced, perhaps this ought to give you a push. Day one of the site saw 5000 people sign up to the fishmonger’s database. With 10% off first orders and next day delivery, we can safely say there is absolutely no reason for us to venture to a smelly fish market again. 

Rest assured though, all of the produce is sourced from around Australia, ensuring that it is all sustainably caught and authorised to have been fished in the first place. What’s even better is Peter is dishing out some recipes, you know, in case you had no idea what the hell you’re meant to do with a lobster. 

Now can someone be a dear and order us some crab?

By Brooke Harrison 25 August 2016 Review by The Urban List


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