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Want some advice? Having a dinner party and not sure how much you should be ordering? Looking for some seafood that we don't currently list?

Let us help! Drop us a line by filling out the form below, or simply call us.


Manettas Seafood Market and our network of suppliers strive to stock seasonal product of optimum quality. With such a wide variety of Australian seafood available, there will often be seafood products you may be trying to source but can’t find on our website.

Let us take the work out of it for you. Drop us a line and discuss the seafood product you are after and we will see if we can help.


We are happy to give advice on anything seafood to our loyal seafood community.

How much you should be ordering to cater for a dinner party?

How do you source a specific product you have seen a chef use in a recipe but can’t find on our website?

Bought a new product off us and want some simple cooking advice?


We are here to help!

So make contact with us either by filling the below form out (we will get back to you within the day)
or by calling us on 1300 095 746 (Monday to Friday, 6am til 5pm).


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