Manettas Seafood Market Launches New Web Platform


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A Slight Re-Brand and A Wider Reach

Peter Manettas Seafood has undergone a slight re-brand to Manettas Seafood Market- you may ask why?

Our goals in our company were to give Australian families, and International Neighbours access to the highest quality seafood available. Our reach within the seafood community is a large one, working with some of the greatest suppliers in Australia and Internationally. We are now giving you direct access to those people, and we are making it happen for you…

Our new platform allows for consumers to purchase off numerous suppliers based on their location- and they are all part of our community. We have picked out the best of the best to ensure the highest quality is maintained. Manettas Seafood Market will be your one stop shop for all your fresh seafood product whether you are in Australia or overseas.


We will be launching our foodservice section- where restaurants, bar and hotels can log on and purchase across numerous wholesale suppliers under our one platform. This is an exciting prospect and refines the supply chain to one platform that will encompass all your fresh seafood needs- SIGN UP TODAY and be on the front foot when we go live with this exciting part of our platform by September 2017

Also we are pleased to announce early 2018 we will be opening ourselves up to International trade- allowing companies to buy allocated seafood product from export accredited suppliers and have this product shipped overseas. An exciting time and more details will come shortly



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