Keeping Our Oceans Full

Seafood Sustainability

At Peter Manettas Seafood we are committed to keeping our oceans full of seafood so that we can share the "gift of seafood" with many generations to come


Peter Manettas Seafood is committed to sharing information with you about current events in our aquaculture industry, and sharing the ideals of sustainability of seafood within our waters.

We will bring you stories of innovative and market leading companies that are ensuring our waters stay populated, and showcase products to our seafood community that reflect this. We at Peter Manettas Seafood are here to ensure our consumers understand what they are consuming and why we have chosen that product.

Peter Manettas Seafood will be looking to help, and partner with different organisations as a part of our business. We will have updates with what we are doing and how you, as our seafood community, can help to spread the word. We have already met some amazing companies with a commitment to this cause and look forward to expanding those contacts and helping to make our industry one of the best in the world.