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Manettas Seafood Market Brings The Fresh Seafood Industry into the Technology Era

Peter Manettas Seafood is an Online & Interactive seafood market. Order through this state of the art online store allowing you to have access to the freshness and variety of the seafood market without ever leaving home. Don’t fight the crowds at the fish market any longer. This service is perfect for those working mums, or simply if you have the kids at home and can’t bare the trip to source your own. Once ordered your seafood will be delivered beautifully packed on ice in reusable esky. Let the team from Manettas source the highest quality product available from their network of suppliers to ensure you are always eating the freshest seafood available. Call team Manettas and ask any advice on cooking or products on 1300 095 746. 

Want something specially prepared so your can have that easy to cook dinner? Select your product, tell them how you want it prepared and then let the expert filleters get to work. They will take you through a range of options for each product so you can tailor your order to your exact needs. Ask to have your prawns peeled (in more than one way), get your calamari cleaned, or even better have them take the skin off your fish.

Peter Manettas Seafood is committed to supporting and communicating with you all about sustainability of seafood, and the aquaculture industry as a whole. They are committed to the industry and committed to your receiving top quality fresh seafood to your door.

Want to Learn How it all works?

1. Select your market-fresh seafood online

2. Let the fishmongers listen to your requests and process the fish the exact way you want it

3. Order before midnight for your choice of next-day delivery time, or order in advance.

4. Delivered fresh to your door – guaranteed every time, with our specialist packaging and trucks.

Think of us as your personal fresh fish market, we are here to answer all your questions. Delivering across Sydney 7 days a week.

Minimum Order:

Minimum Order is $40.00 across all operational states

Delivery times:

Sydney: Same Day Delivery Available- Order Up to 25 Days in Advance (Monday to Sunday)- FREE DELIVERY

Melbourne: Order by Midnight for Next Day Delivery (Monday til Saturday)- $8.99 Flat Rate Delivery

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