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Neon Black

by Neon Black

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Congratulations to our client Peter Manettas who launched Sydney’s first online fish market, delivering restaurant quality seafood to doorsteps Sydney-wide. 

Neon Black have supported the launch of Peter Manettas Seafood with a robust social media strategy, developing content and acquiring a strong community, likes and followers as well as creating a pre-launch membership acquisition campaign and program. 

Public and media relations support was also a foundation part of this campaign and launch activity, achieving widespread coverage in publications including Channel Nine News, Broadsheet, The Australian, Nine Kitchen and Delicious. 

Peter Manettas Seafood offers a never-before-experienced service to the Australian public, allowing people to visit and select their fish and seafood for next day delivery. All orders are sourced from the Sydney Fish Market morning auction, open exclusively to industry, as well as fisheries around Australia. Each individual order is then customised to customers specifications; fish can be filleted, prawns can be cooked, left whole, peeled and deveined. 

Peter Manettas Seafood is the new frontier in the $1.3B fish and seafood industry and Neon Black are delighted to have been so instrumental in such a successful launch.

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Published 1 September 2016 Review by Neon Black


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