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Katherine Scott

by Katherine Scott

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Rising early and contending with parking nightmares, queues and shrieking seagulls has, until now, been part and parcel of the joyous seafood buying experience. But with the launch today of Australia’s first interactive online fish market, Peter Manettas Seafood, Sydneysiders are now able to enjoy fresh seafood (and a sleep-in) without leaving the house.

The online seafood hub will offer over 120 different seafood products to consumers, many of which were previously only accessible to top restaurants, sourced directly from the Sydney Fish Market industry-only morning auction, as well as suppliers across Australia.

“For many food fanatics, it’s been a challenge to find a conveniently located fish-monger or market that offers great quality and incredibly fresh fish and seafood,” Peter Manettas said in a media release.

Manettas explained the online platform endeavours to give people the true fish market experience at home, allowing customers to select product from the extensive range available—including prawns, oysters, sashimi, shellfish, lobsters, crabs and mixed boxes—as well as tailor products to their specific cooking requirements.

“Peter Manettas Seafood will handpick your order directly from the Sydney Fish Market morning auction and prepare your order to your precise requirements,” said Manettas.

“From launch, we will also offer weekly seafood mixed boxes which include an assortment of fresh seasonal fish and seafood that takes a trip to the local fish-monger from your weekly to-do list. For the adventurous chefs among us, we will also have a range of live seafood deliveries.”

Customers are able to select the number of individual pieces they would like of any given product (for example, 40 prawns), as well as information on how many pieces they will get from an order to the kilo.

“We also offer completely customisable processing for all orders placed. Depending on the type of fish or seafood you order, you will have the ability to have it filleted, portioned, or even cut into cutlets. Your prawns can be peeled and deveined in different ways and your huge green prawns can be butterflied ready to cook; the choice is ultimately yours. Shopping with Peter Manettas Seafood is not only the equivalent of visiting your local fish monger, it’s almost like having him in the kitchen with you.”

“The Peter Manettas Seafood team all have extensive industry experience. All products are handpicked each morning and prepared by our team of experts, then delivered to your door within your selected delivery window. All orders are picked, processed and delivered with the highest standards for maximum quality and freshness,” commented Mr Manettas.

The service is currently only available to the greater Sydney area, from Palm Beach through to Penrith and the greater Southern Sydney region, but Manettas has already confirmed he is looking to expand the concept to other states and territories around the country.

“We are excited to be pioneering this new frontier in the seafood industry in Australia and we are humbled by the unprecedented interest from retailers and consumers,” said Manettas.

“This platform is undoubtedly the future of seafood and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.”

To place an order, visit For next day delivery order must be placed by midnight, or can be ordered up to a week in advance.

By Katherine Scott Aug 23rd, 2016

Review by Kitchen Nine


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