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As International Women’s Day was celebrated the hashtag #EachForEqual frequented social media posts – a movement our tech-based businesses, Manettas Seafood Market and ShoreTrade, proudly support. When the ‘Australian Women in Tech’ event first launched in Sydney recently, the statement “In order for us to do impossible things we have to have diverse minds coming to the table” was made. With fifty percent of our core team, working in our tech start-up spaces, women, that statement encapsulates the essence of our team ethos. Several of our team members also recently attended the Sydney #SHESCALESGLOBAL event, where the notion ‘Think Big, Scale Big’ was dissected in groups led by tech experts.

It’s events like these which support a significant core belief underpinning what we do. A belief that key team members operate as individuals free of any gender-based stereo types… And by working with a strong emphasis on the ‘individuals’ contribution – rather than one based on preconceived social expectations – Our Team is able to pivot faster, passionately solve problems and continually exceed targets.. The result.. Rapid success both on a domestic and global level.



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