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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

One team, two tech-based businesses and several game changing strategies, but the key to our ongoing ShoreTrade Platform and Manettas Seafood Market success is our Team Culture. Our team is a unique blend of key individuals who bring an extensive range of diverse skills to the table. To work effectively across both businesses, at our core, we recognise celebrating our wins collectively is far more fulfilling than celebrating as individuals. It’s become a team tradition to do this by venturing outside the four walls of our regular workspace (a.k.a The Fish Bowl).

The fact that, as one team we operate two businesses, lends itself well to friendly competition. Taking this tradition to the bowls green recently saw (for the sake of heathy competition) team Manettas Seafood Market take on Team ShoreTrade. Ironically, despite being segregated on the field, every member on the sidelines, found themselves, at some point, cheering on both sides. This is testament to the fact that our Team Culture ensures competitiveness is embraced just as wholly as it is celebrated, and fundamentally, done so collectively.

That’s where our Manettas Seafood Market and ShoreTrade Team magic happens!


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