How to Fillet a Fish


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A Guide to Filleting a Whole Fish

Learn how to fillet a fish just like the experts. Follow our easy to follow guide and you will be filleting in no time.


Step 1

Holding the fish flat on the cutting board, and while using a thin knife, pierce the skin behind the front the fin.

Step 2

Slice the knife diagonally across the fish, cutting to, but not through the backbone.

Step 3

Hold the fish by the head and run the blade down the backbone towards the tail with a sawing motion.

Step 4

When you are near the tail region, hold the knife flat against the backbone and push the point right through the side of the fillet. With the knife protruding out the other side, cut right through the remaining fillet towards the tail.

Step 5

Peel the fillet back with one hand while cutting the fillet away from the backbone using small slicing motions.

Step 6

Next remove the fillet from the rib cage area. A very sharp knife is essential here. Using small strokes again, just feel your way around the bones, eventually completely removing one side of the flesh.

Step 7

Turn the fish over making sure to hold the fish fairly flat on the cutting surface, and repeat the procedure to remove the other fillet.

Step 8

Break or cut off the fish wings whole.

Step 9

Next comes the removal of the skin.Hold the tough skin in one hand and using the flat bladed knife, slice a small portion of the flesh away from the skin.

Step 10

Cut a “finger hole” into the skin. Hold the skin by the finger hole, and using the knife, gently remove the skin from the remaining fillet.



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