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Barramundi Farm leading the way in Barramundi Aquaculture in Australia

For a long time, there has been a debate regarding which is the premium fish in the ocean: farmed Barramundi Farm or Wild Catch Barramundi. Supply of fish though aquaculture is becoming more and more prominent. Barramundi farmers are varied in skillset; this explains why farmed fish sometimes get a bad rap. It’s important to know where your fish is coming from and who is growing it.

Consumers should learn who is farming their fish, and how they are doing it. Once you understand how the barramundi is farmed, you understand more about the quality. Is it farmed in deep water or shallow water?

As with numerous industries, there are always the leaders. To know and understand why specific companies are the leaders in their specific aquaculture products allows understanding about why farmed products can be so good. There are many great farms; two of our favourite being Cone Bay Barramundi and Humpty Doo Barramundi.

We will feature one of the best in this industry: Cone Bay Barramundi.

Cone Bay Barramundi Farm

Cone Bay is a barramundi farm off the coast of Western Australia. It farms Australia’s best barramundi in deep sea fish farms. There are three stages in the Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi.

The juveniles are graded regularly for size and quality. Only the best of each group are transported directly to the farm, where they are then hand reared in the Cone Bay nursery. When they are at the perfect point of their development they are delicately moved to the grow-out ocean cages where they remain swimming against the twice daily tides. Tides ranging between seven and eleven meters flow through Cone Bay daily; this ensures that Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi are constantly swimming – just like they are in the wild.

The Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi are finally harvested directly from their sea-cages onto the harvest board, where the fish are packed and transported fresh to markets around Australia.

You can rest assured that Cone Bay farmers take ample pride in their product and the cleanliness of the meat is unsurpassed in the industry.


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