Australian Christmas: A Celebration of Seafood


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Australian Holiday Traditions

While celebrations on the other side of the world include slaving over a hot stove on Christmas day, Australians have adopted a more summer-appropriate tradition of indulging in a delicious seafood feast. Due to this tradition, the holiday season has become the busiest time for those working in the seafood industry.


Fishermen nationwide are proud that their products are a central part of Australian families Christmas traditions. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, fishers and farmers are putting in overtime; starting in the earliest hours of the morning and working throughout the days to ensure that consumers will have access to ample supply of their favourite seafood products.


While most families will have a variety of seafood products in their Christmas feast, one product stands out the most: prawns. According to the Australian Prawns Farmers Association, 40% of Australian prawn consumption occurs over Christmas; this works out to over 6,000,000 kg of prawns!

Holiday Favourites

While prawns have proven themselves a clear favourite, Christmas in Australia also includes various other seafood products. In recent years, the demand for various products has skyrocketed. Here’s a list of the top 5 best sellers in 2017:

1. Prawns 

600 tonnes of prawns are sold over Christmas nationwide, with Ocean King Prawns and Tiger Prawns proving themselves to be family favourites each and every year!

2. Oysters 

No oyster lover can deny the rich, savoury flavour of the Sydney Rock Oyster, which is likely why they tend to sell out year after year!

3. Bugs 

A delicious alternative to lobster that is much easier on the wallet and just as tasty, especially Moreton Bay Bugs!

4. Lobsters

For those who make this special occasion particularly glamorous, nothing beats a freshly caught Rock Lobster.

5. Crabs 

A more affordable shellfish favourite, many opt for the best selling Blue Swimmer Crabs.

A Race to The Fish Market

Due to this increase in demand, the biggest fear across the fish markets is underestimating demand come Christmas time! Each year, the Sydney Fish Market opens for 36 hour trading marathon. The amount of seafood sold each year is shocking.


During the marathon, the market sells 92kg of prawns and 415 oysters EACH MINUTE! By the time the marathon is finished, approximately 200 tonnes of prawns and 900,000 oysters are on their way to the Christmas dinner tables. In total, the Sydney Fish Market sells over 750 tonnes of seafood during this holiday marathon.


With such massive quantities of seafood being sold in the days leading up to Christmas, the fish markets become packed with over 100,000 people rushing to get their hands on their holiday staples. Many brave the heat and crowds in the hopes to secure their products. However, with packed traffic, long queues, and excruciating heat, many are looking for an alternative solution.  

Our Solution

This year, Manettas Seafood Market is delivering products directly from the Sydney Fish Market to our customer’s doors. This Christmas, there is no need to sit in traffic & spend hours waiting in the sweaty queues.


Instead, let us do the work this year. We have a huge fleet of refrigerated trucks ready to deliver your seafood feasts. Simply place your order with our Christmas Form and let us bring your favourite holiday seafood products to your door this Christmas Eve.


Written by Emily Nagy



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