Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet

This wild salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska is home to the wild caught sockeye salmon. With a unique deep red premium grade flesh and a strong flavour, the salmon presents a nice bold bite. Salmon is a well diverse fish in the kitchen; poach and add to salads, try grilled salmon sides on the BBQ or crumb and turn into tasty fish cakes. Known for its excellent health benefits, these beautiful sides are perfect for baking and creating a great impression for a family dinner or dinner party.

How does my Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet come:

  • minimum weight of 650g
  • frozen
  • skin on
  • vac sealed
Your fixed pricing is calculated based on a minimum weight of 650g at $55.38/kg Learn how to cook salmon side - click here to browse through our Side of Salmon Recipes

$36.00 per fillet

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