Scampi Number 1

Scampi is very close in flavour to lobster however it is much more delicate than lobster, prawns or shrimp. They are commonly known as a "large shrimp." Although they provide a small quantity of meat, what is there is delicious. Fantastic on the bbq with garlic butter and herbs or steamed and tossed through a chilli sauce. Butterflied upon your request by the Manettas Seafood Market team. Supplied frozen, as they are all frozen at sea to maintain freshness. This product is completely sashimi grade as well, which only adds to its selling point.

How Do My Scampi Number 1 Come:

  • the fixed price of your shellfish is based on gross weight
  • your price does not change if the shellfish is above the minimum weight
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$99.99 per kg

  • Optional Extras (all options are complimentary unless specified otherwise)
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