Salmon Fillets Sashimi Grade (2 x 180g)

Catch salmon fillet in Tasmania's cold waters. These are the finest Australian Salmon Fillets in the market. All Tasmanian salmon is completely sustainable. Salmon (in particular Tasmanian Salmon) is one of the healthiest meals you can prepare. Fresh seafood online that delivers direct from the Sydney Fish Market. Buy salmon fillet online today, learn how to cook salmon fillets, work out how to achieve that crispy skin salmon, and looks at the best sauce for salmon fillet. This is the fresh seafood online that delivers.

How Do My Tasmanian Salmon Fillet come:

  • each pack contains 2 x 180g fillets
  • all fresh fillets are skin on
The minimum weight of 360gm at $51.39/kg in used to calculate the fixed price Want to learn how to cook salmon fillets, how to get the crispy skin salmon or even best sauce for salmon fillet.   Learn How to Cook Salmon Fillets Here  

$18.50 per pack (2 x 180g fillets)

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