Garfish caught mainly in bays and estuaries. It has a sweet, delicate meat and are sometimes avoided due to the high level of small bones within the fish. Perfect floured as well as fried, which will then see a lot of the small bones disintegrate. Let us take the work out of the for you and butterfly them.

How does my Garfish come:

  • the fish comes whole and uncleaned
  • your fish will be on or above your chosen weight
  • if the fish is above your chosen weight, then there will not be an extra charge
You can also tailor your order to your individual needs by using the options below   Click here in order to learn the best way to cook  Garfish Recipes

$28.99 per kg (approx. 6 - 10 garfish per kg)

  • Optional Extras (all options are complimentary unless specified otherwise)
  • $ 0.00
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