Fiddler Shark Fillet

Fiddler Shark Fillet are long elongated fillets taken from the back end of the shark. It is a common ingredient of local fish and chips. Most used in curries and fusion dishes, it has become more of a delicacy than previously.

How do your Fiddler Shark Fillet come:

  • approximately 4 - 10 fillets per kg
  • skin off and boneless
  • if your fish is above the minimum weight there will not be extra charge
Why not get us to prepare the product just how you want it using the options below Your fish will be on or above minimum selected weight For cooking ideas click here for Seafood Recipes

$24.99 per kg (Approx. 4 - 10 fillets per kg)

  • Optional Extras (all options are complimentary unless specified otherwise)
  • $ 0.00
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