Female Blue Swimmer Crab Raw

Female Blue Swimmer Crab Raw are a delicacy and not always available due to restrictions on catchments. When available the smaller sized crab hold a sweetness and flavour that the male crabs do not have. They are great for cooking due to the more robust yet subtle flavours they hold.

How do my Female Blue Swimmer Crab Raw come:

  • the fixed price of your crab is based on gross weight
  • it will have a minimum gross weight of 250g
  • if your crab exceeds the minimum weight you will not be charged extra

You can also tailor your order to your individual needs using the options below

Your fixed price is calculated based on a minimum weight of 250g at $35.99/kg

Learn how to cook Blue Swimmer Crab Recipes in our Recipes Section

$8.99 per crab

  • Optional Extras (all options are complimentary unless specified otherwise)
  • $ 0.00
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