Bulk Buy John Dory

Wholesale John Dory in bulk buy is the perfect addition to your restaurant menu. Caught down the south coast, John Dory is the king of the fish in the ocean. It has a sweet flesh with a delicate texture, and perfect to sell as a whole fish for that point of difference. Order your John Dory today with Manettas Seafood Market and let us showcase to you the freshest fish available. All fish is handpicked and tailored to your needs prior to shipping. Manettas Seafood Market are the leaders in online seafood. Delivering across Sydney direct from the Sydney Fish Market 7 days per week. For Wholesale Seafood check out our ShoreTrade Platform

How Does My Bulk Buy Wholesale John Dory Come:

  • Whole (unless otherwise specified below)

$34.00 per kg (Approximately 1 - 2 fish per kg)

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