Bulk Buy Frozen Seafood Box

Want a bulk supply of seafood packaged and frozen for storage? This is the ultimate box of essentials for you to store and pull out as required from your freezer

What is included:

  • 6 x Snapper Portions (individually frozen & vacuum sealed)
  • 6 x Salmon Portions (individually frozen & vacuum sealed)
  • 6 x Barramundi Portions (individually frozen & vacuum sealed)
  • 1kg Frozen Prawn Cutlets
  • 2kg Frozen Eastern King Prawns Cooked
  • 2kg Frozen Octopus in 1kg pack (cleaned & tenderised)
  • 2kg Frozen Calamari in 500g packs (cleaned)

$349.99 per box (recommended 4 - 5 people)

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