Bulk Buy Blue Swimmer Raw

Wholesale Blue Swimmer Crab Raw are a highly graded product. Catch these crabs up the north coastline of Australia in Queensland. A brilliant blue shell, and a sweet, medium textured meat. Cook these crabs with chilli, white wine or try blue swimmer crab pasta with a tomato based sauce. Perfect to buy in bulk for your cafe, restaurant or hotel. Manettas Seafood Market delivers fresh seafood to your door 7 days per week. Hand picked and optimal quality sourced for you. Manettas is Australia's number one brand name in seafood across the country.

How Do My Wholesale Blue Swimmer Crab Raw Come:

  • Whole
  • Uncleaned
For cooking ideas, learn how to cook Blue Swimmer Crab Recipes here

$26.99 per kg (Approximately 3 - 6 crabs per kg)

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