Bream Fillets

If you are a fishing lover, bream fillets is definitely one of your favourite fish to catch. Finding the right size of Bream can be a bit of an issue with this wild species showcasing smaller sized fish and larger sized. Whatever the size your bream fillets will have an explosion of sea flavour associated with the fish. Order your bream fillet online today with the seafood delivery to your door.

Your Bream Fillets:

  • approximately 10 - 15 fillets per kg
  • skin on
  • if your fish is above the minimum weight you will not be charged extra
Why not get us to prepare the product just how you want it using the options below On how to cook Bream Fillet, check out our seafood recipe blog here.  

$48.99 per kg (Approx. 10-15 fillets per kg)

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