Black Lip Abalone LIVE

With a firm, squid like texture, Black Lip Abalone Live is a real exquisite piece of shellfish. Catching Australian abalone is difficulty and as a result price is always quite high. Dishes that bring out the real flavour of the abalone are always putting this jewel of the sea in centre position. Compliments well with Asian style hot pot dishes. Learn how to cook abalone by checking out some of our great abalone recipes here on our recipe blog

How does my Black Lip Abalone Live Come:

  • the fixed price of your abalone is based on gross weight
  • it will have a minimum gross weight of 320gm
  • price does not change if the abalone is above the minimum weight
  • your abalone will come live and in shell
Your fixed price is calculated based on a minimum weight of 320g at $120.00/kg

$38.40 per abalone

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