Baby Abalone Live

These beautifully coloured baby abalone are an affordable way of enjoying one of the finer things in life. Weighing around 80-100g each, these abalone are a great way to impress and hone your abalone cooking skills. Arriving Live they are as fresh as they can be! Learn how to cook your baby abalone on our recipe blog. Eat them sliced finely and steamed. Marinate in a ginger and shallot. Impress the family with your cooking skills of this beautiful species of shellfish. Want to know how to cook baby abalone? Check out some great recipes on our recipe blog by clicking here

Your Baby Abalone Live:

  • the fixed price of your abalone is based on gross weight
  • it will have a minimum gross weight of 100gm
  • your price does not change if the abalone is above the minimum weight
  • the abalone will come live and in shell
The fixed price is calculated based on a minimum weight of 100g at $99.00/kg

$9.90 per abalone

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