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Marinated Prawns Recipe that will add flavour to your fresh seafood

The perfect Marinated Prawns Recipe is one of the most common things we are asked for. Learn how to marinate prawns for stir fry or simply what to marinate prawns in to achieve those amazing flavours for marinated prawn skewers, we have your answer. Be Creative!

All marinated prawns recipes will tell you that they will hold more flavour when they are marinated in the shell. There is no hard and fast rule to the different flavours used in marinating prawns, but always best for optimal results to make sure you are marinating prawns overnight.

Cooking these should be easy so use flavours like olive oil, chilli and garlic. Add items like coriander, soy, or even pineapple to be more adventurous.

Tips for marinating seafood:

  • Use a non-reactive container such as glass, porcelain, glazed or enamelled dishes.
  • Only marinate seafood for about 20 minutes unless you want the acid to start to ‘cook’ the fish.
  • If seafood isn’t completely immersed in the marinade, turn it occasionally to ensure even flavouring.
  • Drain seafood well before cooking, if pan-frying or barbecuing, pat dry to ensure it browns well.
  • To avoid cross-contamination, don’t add raw marinade back onto cooked seafood.
  • Boil leftover marinade to make a sauce for cooked seafood.
  • Braise seafood such as octopus, squid and abalone in their marinade.
  • If serving marinated seafood without any further cooking (as in ceviche) always use sashimi-grade seafood.

Tips provided by Sydney Seafood School. Visit them for more great seafood recipes and cooking tips, answers to frequently asked seafood questions and the full program of cooking classes at the Sydney Fish Market.


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